Irons, like everything else in the home get dirty. If you use your iron regularly, on the steam setting, it accumulates mineral deposits. You will also collect debris on your iron if it is used for craft purposes. Ink, crayon, wax, plastic, adhesive, glue and other substances attach to the surface of an iron, with the heat and steam used. Irons have been made using a variety of surfaces. Originally, stainless steel was used to coast the iron surface. Newer irons are coated with Teflon or other non-stick surface. Here are several DIY tips from a seamstress and crafter to clean your iron.

To clean the mineral deposits from your iron, empty all the water from the water reservoir. Fill your iron with plain white vinegar. Turn the iron to the highest steam setting. Allow the vinegar to form steam. Vinegar as steam with unclog the steam vents in your iron and release trapped mineral deposits. When all the vinegar has turned to steam, either repeat vinegar procedure if the iron is especially encrusted with minerals, or follow up with plain water. Allow the water to steam and flush the vinegar from your iron.

Many substances adhere to irons. Adhesive from iron-on patches, interfacing and decorative iron on trim. T clean sticky, hardened and baked substances from your iron surface, first set your iron to its highest no-steam setting. Allow the iron to heat completely. Press the iron down firmly on a piece of paper towel and rub iron several times against it. This step should remove most of the residue from your iron. If baked on residue remains, repeat wiping on towel.

Next, follow up with a dampended Mr. Clean Magic Eraser white sponge. Use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on cold iron. Break off a small piece of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and wet it. You will not need the entire sponge to clean your iron. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, found in the household cleaning products aisle of your local grocery store, are able to remove almost any stain, mark or spot.

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